The good news…


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” 
Mark 16:15

This past weekend at our services, Heith talked about shame, guilt and fear.  These are powerful tools that Satan can use to hold us back in our relationship with God that stagnates our spiritual growth, and to prevent us from sharing our faith with others.  There are tons of excuses; “I’m not eloquent enough.”  “I don’t know the scriptures like I should.”  “I’m not living right enough to tell someone else about Jesus.”

We can’t let these excuses hold us back.  You don’t have to be a biblical scholar to share the gospel.  Every believer has his or her own personal testimony.  We all know our personal story of our encounter with Jesus and it is just as valid and as true as any encounter we read about in the New Testament.  This is the gospel that we should be sharing with others.  On that note, I’d like to share my personal gospel.

I was saved in my later junior high years.  Many people remember all the intimate details of the moment when they were saved.  I can’t tell you the time and the exact place, but I remember the feeling of knowing that my life had changed.  But that’s only the beginning of my story.  Through high school I was on fire for Jesus.  I was there every time the church doors opened, worked in several ministries at our church, started a Christian organization at my high school for believers.  Things changed when I went off to college.  I was young and dumb.  There’s no other excuse  for it.  I made a little turn to the left to see what that path had to offer and then another and another.  Pretty soon, I had no idea how to get back to the main road.  I call that time in my life my wandering in the wilderness.  I didn’t have to wander as long as Moses, but I was pretty close.  For almost 40 years I was away from all the things God wanted to offer me and the joys he had reserved for me.  The amazing thing for me was that, while I had given up on God, He never gave up on me.  He worked really hard to bring me back home to him.  He moved me to Texarkana, gave me a job where a wonderful Christian woman was working.  Pat Weaver invited me over and over to visit her church and I had any number of excuses not to go.  God waited patiently till I overcame my stupidity and took her up on her offer and visited City Church one Sunday morning.  God put the message he had for me right into Robert McCarver’s heart and he preached a wonderful sermon that Sunday morning.  It was titled, “Make the boat better”.  It was about the differences between the boat Jonah was on and the boat that Paul was on.  When I heard it, I knew I had spent most of a lifetime and hadn’t made the boat I was traveling in better.  Tanya (my wife) and I began going to church and knew that our path to making the boat better was by getting involved by serving.  We began helping in our church and serve right up to this day.  The two things that mean the most to me in my personal gospel are that God never gives up on us and that there is abundant power in prayer.

Every one of us has a personal gospel and I urge you to share yours with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Robert Hester
Member City Church Texarkana

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