Month: July 2015

Walking with God


When I called, they did not listen; So when they called, I would not listen, says the Lord Almighty.       Zechariah 7:13

I walk almost every morning.  My morning walks are the time I set aside each day to spend with God.  I go before the world has awakened, and spend time in quiet prayer and conversation with God.  I can’t tell you how important these mornings are to me.  In a stressful day, in a stressful business, with a million gnats buzzing around for attention during the day, this is the magic hour for me.

I don’t walk far, usually about 30 minutes, but this when I leave my cell phone at home and set aside time for conversation with God.  It has made my days a lot easier to navigate, and it surely has a calming effect on my life.  It’s not an easy habit to get into, but if you can start the first day, the rewards are immeasurable.  It is something that we have to devote ourselves to daily.

In the beginning, I had to drag myself down the stairs and out into the often bitter cold mornings of winter.  After a few days though, I found myself looking forward to that time.  I get to praise God a bit, and then take my burdens and my prayer requests and leave them with Him.  The last part of my walk, the most important part, is when I try to be still and quiet, and listen to see what God wants me to hear.  This is why I consider it a conversation with God.  I’m sure we’ve all had to talk to any number of narcissists in our time, the kind that drones on and on about themselves and their wants and needs.  I don’t find those conversations pleasurable, and I’m pretty sure God feels the same.  My prayer for each of you is that you’ll make the time, not just to pray and talk to God, but take that extra time and listen, and make it a true conversation with Him.

Robert Hester
City Church Texarkana



And He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’
-Jesus, Matthew 21:13

Churches and people, just as nature, go through seasons. Churches change. Lives change. So we have to adjust. When our personal lives go a little off-line we do what is necessary to bring them back on line. When churches start to lose their perspective…it is time to make adjustments. Instead of seeking answers through the wisdom of men, it becomes a time to seek the wisdom of God.

Our culture demands that NOW is the time to seek God!

During the month of July 2015, City Church Texarkana will be going back online…online with God. Our vision, our focus, our lives will revolve around prayer. Our weekend messages will be on prayer. We will be writing blogs through July on prayer. We will be praying for you and on July 31, 2105 at 7 am we will begin 24 Hours of Prayer, hence the name, Twenty-Four.

Expect great things this month. I stand on the promise of God that he will honor persistence from His people.

Luke 11:8 I tell you, even though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his persistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs.

The message from July 4&5, 2015 addressed three concerns for prayer:

  • Revival
  • Friends and Relatives
  • City Church Texarkana

Pray for these. Be specific. Pray for revival in our own hearts and lives, life change in our friends and relatives, and direction for City Church. Also, we ask that you give us the names of your friends and relatives. We will pray for them by name and then on July 31 we will pray for them for 24 hours (first names only, please).

I wait in anticipation as to what God is GOING to do! Just to give you an idea on what to expect, God has already began a work in my life. Since my heart surgery I have had major problems with my left calf. Just to walk across the church parking lot was a cause for pain. This past weekend…the first days of our emphasis…God used two godly men to begin the process of healing. God used Patrick Bowen and Russ Nelson to place a healing touch on my leg. For the first time in a long time I am able to walk more than thirty feet without pain.

What else is going to happen this month? I don’t know…but I do know I believe in a God that is faithful and loves His children and His church. And I do know that if we are faithful in prayer…God will hear us, and the windows of heaven will open.

Dr. Robert H. McCarver
Directional Pastor
City Church Texarkana